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About Karin Gafvelin

I'm Karin Gafvelin, a comic artist and illustrator, currently in the exciting process of publishing my graphic novel Of Love and Tall Ships and just starting work on a new book, The Geographical Cure. I live a vagrant life which takes me all over the world, mostly focused on both sides of the Atlantic. For the past 10 years I've made my living working as a sailor of tall ships and a boatbuilder (which figures heavily in my art), and now I'm attempting to become a full-time artist.

Of Love and Tall Ships is an autobiographical comic drawn on scratchboard about (as the namne suggests) love and sailing, and life on the road. I worked on this book for 5 years and it will be published in Sweden under the name Djupet in November of 2017, and is in the process of finding a publisher in the US.

The Geographical Cure is my new project which has been slowly forming in my head over a year, and I'm just now sinking my teeth into it. It's a story in which I investigate the nature of travel, and what constitutes a home.

Panel from Of Love and Tall Ships

By supporting me here you'll be able to take part of my work, old and new, as well as follow the birth of a new comic project from start to finish (this will take a few years...)
Thanks for your support! It means the world to me!

More of my work can be viewed on www.karingafvelin.com

This page is dedicated to my pursuits as a comic artist, but I'm also an illustrator of niche nautical subjects, such as traditional rope making. If you have a special interest in these subjects I'll be happy to share my work in these areas as well!
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