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It's the cast of The Daydream Instruction Manual fighting a giant robot as it destroys a city, so it' pretty awesome.
Bigfoot Jones and the Daydream Team!
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About Daydream Instruction Manual

Daydream Instruction Manual started out as a fun idea.

Create a podcast where good friends could share their enthusiasm for everything from comic books to indie bands, while keeping it entertaining, uplifting, and funny!!

Alway keep it funny!!!!!!!

Mission accomplished (we like to think)! 

Well, after we got to podcasting our hearts out, we had to honor of attending O Comic Con as "media" this year! We had the opportunity to interview comic book creators, actors, and indie film directors, and boy oh boy did we have a blast!!

We had a great time and apparently did a great job because we've been invited to attend other conventions. So here's where you come in:

We'd love to attend other comic conventions, be able to travel to other cities to do more interviews, and even be able to take a stab at putting ourselves in unique and funny situations that would make for great audio podcasts and eventually video podcasts!!
$2 of $750 per month
We're at a point where we're looking to grow our podcast, and in order to do that, we need YOU!

Live events, comedy shows, game nights, video content, and more, we've got several things planned but we're at the point where we need you to step in and help make that happen!

With your financial support, we can start taking on larger projects that will allow us to take what we've already done with the podcast and truly level up!

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