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About Vincent Lecolley Photography

Hi guys!

I am a french Photographer living in Philippines. ( Cebu )
I started Photography when I arrived here in Philippines. I love the beauty of this country and the beauty of the people living here.
That's why I would like to be able to travel all around the Philippines and take in picture the most beautiful places and the people. Then make my own photo gallery and one ( or more ) books about the Philippines.
I am new to the crowdfunding system so I take any advises or Ideas you might have :)

How you pledges will help me with?

Your pledges will help me to collect funds in order to be able to travel in the Philippines, eventually buy some better gear if needed and open a photo gallery.
Later it would help me to publish the book(s).
Beside of the books continue to take pictures of the life here.
Why not even outside the Philippines if my patrons ( you guys ) are interested to see my pictures of other countries.
Of course the patrons will have benefits also for these projects...
For example, a book and some pictures for free. I can take any ideas.

Later I have some non-profit project if this worked as I expected. I can share it with your if you are interested to know by mail or PM.

Thanks to everyone to visit my page :)

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