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Become a patreon on our server, and receive special group privileges. To receive this special offer, instead of putting your name, please leave your Steam ID# (76560000000000000) If you are having trouble finding your Steam ID#, here is a guide.   




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About AT Gaming

Welcome to Our Patreon!

We are on patreon looking for pledges because they could greatly help our current website and our current server. 

Buying a Website Domain

We would like to extend our current website by owning our own domain. With owning our own domain, we can add memberships, add new features, and all around make our current website a lot better.

Buying a Server Host 

Because we are running a dedicated server, we would like to have the server running 24/7, and we can do this by buying a host. A host could greatly improve our server quality.

$0 of $50 per month
We would like to start with a small goal, we can use this money to buy a domain, buy a server, and constantly upgrade our website and game.
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