Windward Permaculture

is creating dryland cold climate agroecological systems

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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system or framework of design, usually applied to agricultural systems and human habitations.

It typically revolved around understanding where we get resources from, and how we can design integrated life support systemswhich enable us to efficiently and regeneratively procure and utilize food, water, energy, transportation, housing, and more.

Ethically, permaculture aims to answer, in practical terms, how we humans can meet our needs without destroying the essential functions of ecosystem and our human social fabric of human communities. (One could argue that this pursuit is an apt definition of "sustainability".)

Windward Permaculture

was established to provide holistic and practical information regarding the design, creation, and sustaining of dryland cold climate agro-ecological systems. That's a mouthful!

Let's unpack that a bit:
Dryland = areas where evaporation exceeds rainfall for a significant time of year, and thus water-efficiency is a paramount concern. Of course, as fresh water becomes more scarce, more of the world is going to look and feel like dryland,  so water conservation strategies are only going to become more relevant.
Cold Climate = areas where polonged freezing weather means that temperature and length of the growing season are significant factors in design.

In short, we are a community of permaculture artisans cooperatively stewarding 120 acres of "marginal" dryland forests in the Eastern Cascades in Washington State.  Working to simultaneously build a working model of a system for our land, and thus for our bioregion in the rain shadow of the Cascade range - and to share and exchange resources, strategies, types, tricks, and insights we glean along the way.

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