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Access to selected pictures from photoshoots, not watermarked but with only a little logo...
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Access to all the "good" pictures taken during the shoot even the ones that are not considered as "Yeah! that's a really good pic!" XDDD




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About Massimiliano

I'll use this page to share some of my photosests, since I'm not a professional photographer I do that with limited resources and sometimes with amateur models...

I ususally don't use postproduction on my pics, I can do it to heavily modify a picture, but I'd rather choose to fix a moment in time, being it a landscape or a portrait, with all its particulars or even slight imperfections...

I shoot what I see, the way I see it, and I like to see the final result directly thru my lens... it makes me apply some effects to the pics in an old fashioned way: filters, instead of using some pics manipulation software to achieve the result i have in my mind, I mount a filter on my lens and then shoot.
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It's an ambitious goal for me... but if I can reach it, I'm confident that I could afford better locations and help my models to get new clothes/makeup/hairstyles for new and better photoshoots.
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