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Nice Guy/Gal/Apache
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Thanks dude(ette)! You'll be given a green name, and a random supply drop every 2 weeks to a GPS coordinate of your choice.
Awesome Guy/Gal/Apache
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Thank you so much dude(ette)! You'll be given a blue name, and a    supply drop every week to a GPS coordinate of your choice.   

I would also be happy to occasionally build you something, for free, as long it wont or cant be used to grief

God-tier Guy/Gal/Apache
per month
Holy hell, are you serious? I don't know what to say, thank you so much! You will be given a name color of your choosing, and all of the previous rewards times 2! (2 supply drops per week) You can also request specific resources to be added to the supply drops. (I honestly cant think of any other kind of reward, but feel free to give me idea's)




per month

About Anister

Ok, honestly, if you just stumbled upon this, dont bother. I just want to use Patreon to rent a Minecraft server for a group of friends.

Small note on the supply drop rewards. The GPS site for the drop zone has to be on a atmospheric planet's surface. You should also disable or remove any automated weapons in the area, because once launced the supply pods will not be replaced unless they fail to land propperly
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The server costs me about 45/month. This'll ease up those costs a wee bit from my wallet
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