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Hello wonderful people! My name is Meep or Amie if ya like.
(I am a female and asexual. please respect that 'v')

Just a little about me - u -

I'm an awkward and edgy 14 year old. Green will always be my favorite color. I am a VERY trashy cartoonist /animator. I LOVE drawing blood/gore or cute things.
I love listening to a variety of music and game soundtracks like Cuphead, Life is Strange, Telltale The Walking Dead and a lot more. I love drinking coffee and tea. 

The One Art program I have right now to make all of my drawing is FireAlpaca

Now enough about me, now you might be asking.
why'd you make a Patreon? Here's why :D

I am currently a High Schooler, and I want to be able to have some sort of money when I'm out of high school, Like a head start. But I also want to support my family and friends the best way I can, I just wanna help the people I care for a lot. I'm just trying to help my people, and I need to afford art supplies for my traditional pieces aswell.

You don't have to support me with money, The nice comments, Fanart, and you all on youtube supporting me on this crazy journey is good enough for me. Thank you! ^^

While you're here I got some arts I've done if you were wondering what my style is like ^^

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