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Have you ever just taken a moment and thought about life, have you ever wondered what it all means to you, wondered what is most important? Is life the 4 walls at your office job? The car you drive round in? Is life your mortgage, insurance, tax or utility payments? For many people the truth is in fact, yes, that is their life, but this fact only sinks in as they reach their late 40's, the thought of this absolutely terrifies us. 

Life is more than your assets, reputation and monetary value. In this world we come in as equals and leave as equals, everything in between is what matters. The stories we will tell when we are older, the memories we share with people and how fulfilled we feel every day, these are ultimately the most important aspects of life. Many people aim to see what they can extract from the world by the time they grow old, why not see what you can bring to the world instead, it will surely be more satisfactory. 

Now you know how I feel my point is, from around 14 years old, I was under the impression that for me to achieve happiness I would need to ensure I got a well paid job for when I was older, so from that point onwards I worked extremely hard to make sure I did just that. I spent 4 and a half years planning my corporate life, thinking about all the things I was going to have and all of the money I was going to make. To help me achieve this, I began completing qualifications so that I could become an accountant, and that is what I am now. After just 6 months fully qualified and working, the feeling sunk in, what was I doing? Am I going to work here forever? Is this my life now? I am 20 years old, this can't be my life. I spent every day thinking about this for months, I soon accepted that this wasn't what I wanted, furious at the fact I had already wasted so many years chasing a lifestyle I didn't actually want, I started thinking about what it was that I did want. I wanted to be free, I wanted to be able to spend my short time on the planet seeing everything beautiful there is to see and meeting extraordinary people from all walks of life. 

Realising this was like nothing I had ever experienced, I finally felt certain about what I wanted, I imagine this is what most people feel like when they're qualified in whatever they want to do. As soon as I knew this I figured out the easiest way for me to be able to travel to begin with, is to buy a van, so that's what I did with the small amount of money I had saved in my short time of employment. 

On top of wanting to experience the world this way, we want to be able to show other people how easy it can be to experience life to the fullest, on the off chance that there are some people out there who feel the same as us. In this modern age of technology, what easier way to share with the world than through social media networks like Youtube or Instagram. I have always had an interest in filmmaking so I will be spending my time travelling making short movies about our time in different countries, and how we manage to do certain things and just general advice. 

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