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Every $2 contributed each episode equals a ticket into the season's raffle.  The winner will be drawn on the final day of recording (That tends to be the recording for Episode 7 of the season). We will announce the winner in the final episode of each season.

The winner will get there choice of any caster on that season's ADR.  They can also chose to have it painted by me in an approximation of the studio scheme or their own.

We will pay for shipping the Continental US.
Better than a Raffle
Limited (3 of 5 remaining)
per creation
Wow, if you enjoy 4 Man Meta this much you deserve something special.

If you contribute $20 per episode for 5 or more episodes we will paint a special Privateer Press miniature just for you.

At the end of each season you will get to choose a caster from the ADR and have it painted for you in an approximation of the studio scheme or your own.  We will then announce all of Patrons that qualify for this bonus and the miniature they chose.
The One True Patron
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I don't know who you are or how you found us but, you are a Gentleperson and a Scholar.

If you are our Patron at this level for 5 or more episodes, then each season we will paint for you your choice of armies played during that season of the podcast. And you will be announced as the One True Patron each and every episode you contribute to.

Of course, you could get it New In Box, but where's the fun in that?




per creation


Hello and Welcome to the 4 Man Meta Patreon Page,

We are a Warmachine and Hordes Podcast that focuses on Champions and the Active Duty Roster. 

We are scheduled to release episodes every other Monday. We release bonus episodes in the off weeks when we have additional content such as trips to big conventions.  Each season we go through all the factions on the ADR in a series of Round Robin tournaments and then discuss Warma/Hordes meta concepts based on those games.  The content for each season is 10 episodes long and we take a break after that until the next Active Duty Roster is posted by Privateer Press.

Patron's will be asked to contribute only up to twice per month.  On normal months this will be the regular 10 episodes. In the off month (June and December) it will be the first two bonus episodes released.

Our main page is 4manmeta.com
Mail us at: [email protected]
Or find us on face book at: 4 Man Meta Face Book

Many thanks for looking at our page,
$36 of $200 per creation
If we get more that $200 per episode we will use start putting out regular video battle reports.

Also each season we reach this goal we will pull 3 winners for the caster raffle.
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