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I love creating things.
I am also a gamer; I love the piecing things together and figuring things out.

When I put those two hobbies together I find I like making jewelry and clothing out of all kinds of different things.
I make jewelry out of dice. Not just “I put a d6 on a chain and called it a pendant”.
I hand drill each die I use and combine them with a variety of crystal and gemstone elements to make jewelry you can wear to any occasion.

I create up-cycled clothing. I take curtains and create cloaks and tunics. Jeans and quilts turn into skirts. Sweaters turn into winter coats; costumes out of up-cycled clothing. The puzzling, the figuring it out is what make it worthwhile.
I do make custom order items - usually from fabric acquired 2nd hand.  ( I do not like to source retail if I can help it, given the amount of textiles thrown away every year.)

I want to expand my knowledge and understanding so I might expand to creating LARPing clothing that is both appropriate to the settings and also easily cared for.

I also want to learn so much more with jewelry making. Working with wire, bead looms, and resins can add significantly to my ability to create geek and gamer inspired jewelry.

$4 of $200 per month
This goal will help me fund expanding my skill set. Classes, books and materials for various new techniques I wish to learn.

My first step is wire-wrapping techniques.

After that, I have some theories on using crochet and knitting to help up-cycle sweaters and blankets. I will just need to knit and crochet first.

I will update this box as I finish one goal and move on to another.
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