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Welcome to my world! I’m an artist who creates wigs and props for dolls. I’m also a photographer with a specialty in ball-jointed dolls, using various lighting scenes to bring them life-like quality.
My latest projects have focused on making and photographing paper sculptures. I was first inspired by the beautiful and complex art of AsyaKozina. When I first saw her elaborate paper wigs and dresses, I was so inspired that I had to try and make one! So I enlisted the help of a close friend, who created a friendly competition for us to complete scaled-down versions of this art for our dolls. And my love of the paper sculpture artform began!
I’m excited to expand my prop- and wig-making projects while also creating tutorials to teach others what I’ve learned over my many years as an artist and photographer.
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My Creative Goals. 
One of my goals is to build my brand so everyone will come to know and love what I create. This goal is to help me build up slowly. I want to create a doll line of my own, develop my skills in a story-telling to enhance my doll photography, take a paper wig class from the women who inspired me to begin this adventure, and challenge myself to create elaborate wigs to share with people. 
By becoming a contributor, you'll help me to take my education and art to the 
next level creating wigs, stories, and more doll props. And in return, you'll receive tutorials and other content based on my years of experience! With your contributions I can upgrade my equipment and tools to offer better content, better tutorials, and better products. Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! See you on the other side!
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