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I just began creating mods for KSP and I love doing it, however it takes a lot of time and work. I currently have 3 mods that I have created and maintain and want to make sure that I can continue to support them.

I am not asking for a lot, just some extra pocket change that you may have ton contribute to help me out with what I do. Thank you very much!

Here are the mods that I currently have:
  • Historical Progression Tech Tree
    • This tech tree is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. I always felt like the stock tech tree was lacking and did not like the placement of the parts. There are other tech trees that utilize the stock tech tree and move parts around and that is what inspired me to create a new tech tree like this. The tree will start you with Unmanned parts before you progress to learning how to send Kerbals into Space safely. What I did with this tree is create a linear approach to Research. The entire tree is broken down into space associated disciplines so you are not required to research new fuel tanks before you get bigger and better engines. This allows the player to drive their research focus. If you as the player wants to get the next tier of electronics to support your craft, you have that option.
      • Mod Support - There are hundreds of mods and I would love to have them all supported with the tree
      • Rebalancing the Tech Tree for realistic progression times
  • Contract Pack: Historical Progression
    • This contract pack is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. I wanted to go through the history of human spaceflight and progress how we have done in real life. I did not want to have to launch a mission that was almost the same thing over and over again. This contract pack takes you from the first sounding rockets to New Horizons and into the future. You will be tasked with recreating some of the most ambitious missions like the Apollo Program, Voyager and the International Space Station. It is up to you to guide the Kerbals into the cosmos through a historical progression. Some of these contracts are very involved and require you to use gravity assists to accomplish the contract parameters. Others give you the option to complete certain goals in order to gain bonuses. For example, in your Space Shuttle contracts, you get bonus funds if you land your shuttle on the Runway back at <abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr>KSC</abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr>.
      • Continued improvement on existing missions to make the user experience better
      • Development of additional missions, this includes future missions like OSIRIS Rex as well as Mars 2020 rover and more
  • Half Size Real Solar System
    • HalfRSS is a mod that uses the great work from @NathanKell and creates our Real Solar System in a smaller scale in KSP. At half the size of the <abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr>RSS</abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr>, HalfRSS is still 5 times larger than stock KSP and provides a huge challenge to players, but can be achieved with stock parts. I always loved the idea of playing in our Real Solar System, but I am not a good enough player to be able to accomplish that on the grand <abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr><abbr>RSS</abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr></abbr> scale.
      • Add better looking Planet Textures
      • Improve the planet look and planet scatter on the various bodies
      • Add a Delta-V map
      • Add information to the KSPedia
      • Add more planetary bodies and improve existing ones
    • Contract Pack that is not based on historical missions, but instead is focused on a realistic progression through the space race. So we will need to send probes to the Mun and Minmus and then land unkerballed craft on them before sending our Kerbals out to visit. Also it would eliminate the situation where we orbit Kerbin so it is time to send a kerbal mission to Duna. Progression in a natural and organic form is the how it would work.
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Continued improvement of old contracts, additional mod support added to the tech tree, terrain improvements to Half Size RSS
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