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About PotShotsTV

We are a team of creators who believe in creating great nonsensical content for TV, Youtube or any medium we could stream in.

We have started by creating a series called "The Idiot Salesman". Its a story of an honest, overconfident salesman based out of Mumbai who works for ATS Marketing. He has big dreams but honestly he has a limited skill set which he is not aware of. He believes he can be great at everything and want to try out his hands at Acting, Broking, Stock markets apart from being the Great Salesman. Join him in his journey as he tries his best to miss sell products and tries his hands at every possible thing.

We have currently shot 3 episodes for the Season 1. We are ready to go for 1 episode/month with a bank of 5 episodes for each Season 1. Currently, we have written the Season 1 entirely and have already launched the first episode. We are a group of passionate theatre makers who also have experience of making films. We wish to complete the season 1 and also have a look at Season 2.

Even a $2 or $5/month from your side shall help us take care of technical liabilities like Camera rental, Lights costs, transport costs. You can have a look at our first episode. We plan to release the 2nd episode in 2 weeks.
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Whether its contributing $1, $5, $10, etc, everyone's contributions will always be acknowledged and appreciated. So please never feel embarassed if you can only contribute a $1 or $2. You'd be surprised how far that goes when many do the same.

We plan to finish the 1st Season in the next 3 months by using the amount we get our hands on. Please have a look at the First Episode & the page in entirety. Feel free to give us your feedback.
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