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About cinexstudios

cinexstudios is a studio set to create features, shortfilms and series, for you. We have done several shortfilms over the years and some of them have been released on our youtube channel. We have also done a lot of VFX for (Swedish) feature-films and shortfilms, as well as musicvideos and commercials.

cinexstudios is currently mainly focused on the following projects below and we're looking for producers as well so if you'd like to join the team or just support the cause, this is your chance. We appreciate everyone who helps us out! 

Tempus Prime (pre-production and writing the script). A post-apocalyptic scifi adventure set on Earth. Tempus Prime is the first and only space-carrier on Earth and it was lost on it's maiden voyage. A big worldwar breaks out and mankind struggles to survive and many decades later Earth is but a wasteland. This is what leads up to the Tempus Prime storyline and what happens next. 

Al-Azif: The Key and The Gate (pre-production, script done.)
A Lovecraftian adventure where Howard, a decadent private investigator, embarks on a new case and discovers the evil that lurks in the dark corners of the Earth and the unseen horrors it brings. We also want to give a big thanks to Sean Branney from HPLHS (director of 'The Whisperer In Darkness') for helping us with the script. 

Church of Cthulhu (pre-production, script done.)
Wherein we follow Henry Eckhart in an almost 'Tintin-esque'  adventure as he stumbles upon The Church Of Cthulhu and a cult. It all starts in  Boston and leads to the very heart of Prague, in Europe, and beyond. 

Some previous low-budget projects we have done below.

Days of Anger Musicvideo (2013)
A musicvideo done for the Swedish Metalband Days Of Anger.
The wonderful sound of Days of Anger is mixed with a horrorstory.
Shot over a period of three days with a crew of two people. 

Timewars (2014) budget about $250.
A post-apocalyptic scifi shortfilm shot over a period of rouhly a months.
The production team was three people on a minimal budget. 

Midnight Caine Musicvideo (2015)
A musicvideo done for Swedish band Midnight Caine
Shot over a period of two days with a crew of over a dozen people.

Loch Vostok Musicvideo (2015)
A musicvideo done for Swedish band Loch Vostok
Shot over a period of two days with a crew of two people.

The Von Müller Legacy (2016) budget about $250.
A horror shortfilm based losely on the works of H.P.Lovecraft.
Shot over a period of two days with me and the actor.
We also got some excellent voice-overs done by talented
Eddy Will and Sean Branney. Thank you. 

more to be added to this page.

We create worlds and show them to you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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