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For $5 human dollars a month, you will get access to Bloop's blog posts via Patreon updating you about his analysis of Earth. You will also get a heads up and sneak peak via text as to what Bloop is working on. This will be available on our the Patreon feed.
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At the $50 a month human donation level, you will get to be in a video chat with Bloop as well as the other donators. Seats come at a first-come-first-serve basis, though you will all be serving we robots in the future.

You will also receive the other benefits in the previous donation levels.
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Your name (and any other pertinent information you wish to include) will be added to the start of each YouTube video the month after your cash clears, crediting you as an Associate Human Producer of the show. You will also receive a highly limited TheRantingRobots art pack including two mini-autographed posters and an official letter thanking you for your support, and more.

You will also receive the other benefits in previous Patreon donation levels.




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The Ranting Robots invaded YouTube to monitor human life on human planet Earth in 2011. Bloop the Robot and Bleep the Robot reviewed video games, films, and human culture in extremely annoying voices until Bleep became very ill and hand to be decommissioned. Bloop would be interested in returning to continue doing Plays and Quits, rants, and reviews, but does not want to appear back on the planet unless the support is there. Let Bloop know if you are interested. This is Bloop.
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With $500 a month, Bloop hopes to be able to release at least one "Plays and Quits" or review per month.
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