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kia ora comrade,

This pledge is for people on welfare and those in low waged work. I've set it at four dollars... so one buck a week. 

I will send you a ZINE with some of my fav pieces of writing I have penned with quotes and annotations. I will hand draw you a picture of an activist (I'm working on turning these into prints). On top of this, I will send or hand deliver you some delicious homemade tomato sauce (I love to cook) and some gourmet pasta and feta. 

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Not only will you get access to 'Patreon only' posts but I will make you a cool-as-fuck Zine which will include some of my favorite pieces of writing which I have penned, with annotations and drawings by yours truly. I actually did five years of art school, so as it turns out I can draw pretty damn well.  




per blog I write on various social issues


Kia ora

My name is Chloe Ann-King and I am a noted writer and workers and welfare rights advocate. I dedicate much of my writing to narrate stories and struggles of everyday working people who are in some of the lowest paid and undervalued work.

When I'm not writing I am advocating for hospo workers who are often subject to exploitation and dangerous working conditions. A few years back I launched Raise the Bar which is a campaign that aims to raise the wages and working conditions of hospo workers. I spent 15 years in the hospitality industry and endured endless wage theft, sexual harassment, poor pay and often would work long hours without a break.

I got so fucked off with how I was being treated I decided to teach myself employment law and then directly advocate for hospo workers. I spend most of my days answering emails and calls from hospo workers and answering their legal questions and helping them to take action against their bosses.

The mahi I undertake is all volunteer based so I use my patreon to fund Raise the Bar and as a means to make a small income for my advocacy work. So if you decide to contribute to my patreon you will be directly helping hospo workers who are enduring exploitation and injustices in the work place.

If you’d like to check out some of the mahi I’ve done and the radio and media interviews I’ve featured in check out this link:

Chloe. xxx

$419 of $500 per blog I write on various social issues
I'd like to make a part-time living off my writing and campaign mahi! Earning $500 a month from patreon would also enable me to also pump some cash into my hospo campaign Raise the Bar. 
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