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Reiki Healing for an Individual
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You will recieve reiki daily/everyday through reiki distance healing. This healing will help  build your intuition. 
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This tier is suitable only if you want to read articles and video's published by me every month. When you become patron on this tier you get access to all video's/ articles published in the past as well.




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About Reiki Bloom

Being a psychic empath, I intuitively sense pain and difficulties. To heal this pain, I send out reiki healings to whoever requests for it and to the environment (plants, animals, earth, air, water). 
Everyday I send out healing energy for 20 min's. By pledging $20 on patreon, you will receive reiki through distance-healing everyday. This healing will heighten your intuition.
By pledging $500 you would get access to -
1) One video or article posted every month
2)All video's/articles posted by me in the past
$0 of $100 per month
You are helping me carry out reiki distance healings daily. These healings are to reduce pain and suffering within us and around us in the environment.
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