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About Nicholas Marcelin

Why Patreon?
I started this channel back in 2010 under the name Dier178. I loved handheld systems and at the time Sony just announced their amazing new system, the NGP aka "PS Vita". I was amazed at what it promised and wanted to share with the world what it can do; thus shaping the channel into what it is today. With more then 14,000 subscribers, it is apparent that people loved the content that I produced. Now, I want to take the videos to the next level; Partnering with the PrimeShots Network I can do just that! We now have sets, new equipment, staffing, and lots more, but we need your help! Producing videos is not cheap and at our current rate of YouTube revenue we can not continue to grow let alone produce videos at a timely manner. However, Patreon can change that! With your help we can bring this channel to the top and create the videos that you subscribed for! 

Thank You
No matter what tier you support us here on Patreon, know that your subscription allows us to produce better content for you. This channel simply wouldn’t be a reality without the support of thousands of our biggest, most ardent fans and for that, we thank each and every one of you. 

Just for laughs, here is my first ever video on camera *Explicit Language*
Video Description:
Sony did it again! They just pissed fans off! See I feel about it! please comment on what you think!

What is Patreon?
Check out this short video to see how Patreon works, also take a look at the Patreon FAQ. Yes - you can use Paypal to contribute as well as a credit card!
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If we hit this goal then, hurrah! We are now "hypothetically" making more then YouTube payed us; hypothetically ;) 
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