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Hey guys I'm Scott Locke, a 25 year old collage artist living in Austin, Texas. With YOUR help I can live comfortably and worry-free, while also creating beautiful art.

I moved to Austin in 2011 from Brownwood, a small town in the middle of Texas. In the summer of 2013 I started making digital art and continued for about a year before completely switching my focus to handmade collage. In the summer of 2014 I started collecting books and began making paper collages cut from pages with an Xacto knife. I've been showcasing and selling my work at music venues downtown since then.

But in 2015 and early 2016 I lost a lot of time I could have spent on art, due to moving around multiple times, depression, and being broke. Sometimes going months at a time without working on art at all. A lot of the time, not selling much art either. And without a steady income or steady living situation, the cycle only continued.

Things have been good though lately and I have been working on art almost every day since April 2016, shortly after I moved into my current apartment on a lease with close friends. I've made rent fine each month but my income will always vary throughout the year. That's where I need YOUR help. Your continued support from donations and buying my art will keep me sane and keep more art coming!

$0 of $900 per month
$900/month covers:
Rent, bills, food, expenses..

By selling art and accepting donations, I can live comfortably every month
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