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I will do one drawing of your choosing each month, and send you a printed, signed copy. Personal message included if you would like.
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I will work on something big for you every month. Normally my drawings take a couple to a few hours, but this I will pour days into. Come up with something cool! I will also send you a really nice printed and signed copy.




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About PonchoMcGee

I am a self taught artist that would love to draw for a living. I love cartooning!
I also draw pet portraits, video game art, comics and whatever I'm inspired by at the time. 
If you would like a custom commission done, feel free to check out my Etsy page (Etsy.com/shop/ponchospad)
You can also find me on Instagram @PonchoMcgee if you want to see what I'm up to.

I am 24 and live with my wife and dogs in a small apartment in Utah. We love video games, music, reading, good food and life in general.

I am also looking into making a full size graphic novel! I'll post progress as I go.

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This would pay all of the bills for the month, I would be over the moon guys. I could definitely take some time off to play some online games with some of my patrons with voice chat!
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