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About ameya.tripathi

Ameya Tripathi is a writer of poetry and prose and a graduate student based in New York. As a student, he works on modernism and modernismo in England and Spain during the Spanish Civil War. As a writer of poetry, he has been working on different sorts of poetry, series of poems as cantos, shape poetry, urgent poetry, nonsense poetry, historical poetry. As a writer of prose, he has been working on novellas and short stories, about anything from bomber pilots to ghost and horror stories. His favourite non-fiction writers are Jarrod Kimber, John Lee Anderson and Anne Applebaum. His favourite contemporary fiction writer is Ivan Vladislavić.

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Finishing a series of novellas

'Janice and her sisters' concerns a bomber pilot and explores what it is like to leave home and be entrusted with a bombing mission where there is every chance of something going wrong. 
'Moyles Houses and Homes' is a nightmarish ghost story that takes place over one night in Camden, London. The story concerns a young boy, Zac, who is frustrated with his curfew and steps out of his skylight in London and into Camden's streets on a Saturday night. Meanwhile, a mid-30s journalist, Preston, who works for a tabloid paper that seeks to drive up the anxieties of West Londoners about crime, is on the trail for a man who he suspects of a series of real estate crimes. The sections intercut frequently and offer a mix of humour and satire about London from Preston's perspective and three other points of view, from Zac's increasing suspicions about what he finds to Zac's mother, Judith, who paces about at home thinking over her past.
One other sci fi story is in development.
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