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You will get exactly 1 (one) vote as to what I should be drawing. I'll e-mail you with details!

(note that this doesn't guarantee that i'll draw it but hey it's worth a shot right)

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One little doodle just for you. Made with love! Care! Sometimes color!

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About mawi

Hi! I draw and I'm determined to stay optimistic about it. :)

I'm paying for my own bills and stuff, don't worry about that!! This patreon is for people who want to see more kinds of work from me - yes, fanart included. I haven't been able to watch anything on Netflix/Crunchy or buy a new gaming system for years. Disposable income from this Patreon will go towards getting me acquainted with the 21st century and expanding my business.

I'm not destitute. I just want to draw more.
$4 of $10 per month
i'll buy a netflix subscription lol
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