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(Copy pasted from my facebook, feel free to add me: Edgar Aroutiounian)

(To friends in Armenia, I'm well aware that there is an existing tech community, patreon forces the usage of the verb `to be`, so the banner forces me to use the phrase `is creating`)

Hi all past and new friends coming to my profile. Because Armenia uses Facebook more than anything, I've opened an account again.

Coming to Yerevan, Armenia. has been a long time coming for me. I'm half Armenian and the Armenian side isn't even from Armenia, it is from T'bilisi, Georgia, (I have no living relatives in Armenia, thanks genocide/Turkey).

I am here for a variety of reasons, some deeply personal, but the most important of which is that I recently felt a pull to Armenia, stronger than any previous similar feelings I had. The April four-day war in Artsakh coupled with the Hostage situation at the Police Station made it clear to me that Armenians all over must step up now, the diaspora cannot use excuses, we must love our nation unconditionally because our enemies are many and they certainly have no lack of hate for us.
I love my blood, my nation. This is why I forwent some potential opportunities in Menlo Park, other parts of the Bay Area and purchased a one way ticket here (This is after 2 months of studying preparations).
I'm not here to use a gun or to riot, I am here to provide my STEM programming knowledge to anyone that wants it. To share my knowledge of Silicon Valley and to help anyone that wants to learn iOS development, make a web app, learn functional programming, or whatever coding thing it is.

If you are in Yerevan, please reach out to me. I want to know you. To all my American/European/Anyone else friends and supporters, thank you for your support and kindness. Those that know me personally know that I will never forget their support.

for reference about me you can see my linkedin at:
and my general website at:
and of course my github:

$18 of $99,999 per Tech community in Armenia
There is no ceiling because Armenia has no ceiling! I'm making an independent general fund for tech community.
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