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Hello, for the last year I've been working close to nonstop on making my dreams a reality.
To play in an open world fantasy game full with lore and a dynamically changing world.

  • Games where changing economics and policies actually affect the world.
  • Games where you can influence the world around you, and receive real recognition for your actions.
  • Games that focus on weirdness.
Magic is weird, yet mostly all games are met with the same old story, fire balls and different colored fire balls.
My aim is to make magic weird, to be able to experiment with different types. I want to be able to change people into large mushrooms and be able to harvest said mushroom and use it in alchemy or plant it on top of my zombies head, giving him bonuses and more.
Mainly focusing on:

  • Necromancy: Can become a Lich, soul capture and manipulation, minion construction/customization, Open a portal to death. etc
  • Shamanism: Create and modify Ents, Smoke herbs, Wendigo transformation, experiment with plants, Control natural spirits.etc.
  • Fungalism: Turn people into fungi, create drones, spore based hallucinations. fungal experimentation and more.
  • Pylurgy: Depending on the active Pylon, will be able to produce optic & sound illusions.
  • Bloodmagic: Domination, Reconstruction of bodyparts, Bloodplant hybrids, Blood explosions, enslavement blood wards and more.

All magic can be combined creating new and interesting effects.

Aiming to release a series of games within the next two years.
A Necromancy tournament mini game.
A Guild Strategy game.
Open world story based Role Playing Game.

Some details:
The mini game consists of being able to create/raise and highly customize your different undead minions, to fight in an arena as a party.
  1. Obtain new parts from fallen opponents.
  2. Many ways to customize and experiment: such as rune magic and fungal magic and more.
  3. Different combinations produce different effects.

This will be released either as free if goal reached, or for a small price.

The guild game currently in alpha stage.

In a nutshell: the game will mainly be focused on your hirelings, training them, forming parties and sending them out on different quests and missions, collecting resources and finding relics, while increasing your power and influence.
  1. Large range of missions/jobs, from the benevolent, resource gathering, subterfuge and to the down right sadistic.
  2. Send parties to venture in a large detailed and dynamic world.
  3. 30 skills to learn, helping your hirelings to achieve greatness and improve their effectiveness.
  4. Choose your own policies on different matters as well as important matters such aiding invaders, or selling armaments to both sides.
  5. Diplomacy and trade between different groups.
  6. Economy and politics change the world, for example: burning a towns food supply will increase food stuff prices.
  7. And a lot more.

The Open world RPG is in Alpha.
While the engine and game play of this game is mostly complete, it is currently on hold until I finish with the first two.
This game will consist of a dynamic world full with lore and content, including the features of the first two games and with alot more.

Why spend your money?
First of all, Sound assets, music and what not, requires money, a quality microphone for Voice Actors requires more money.
Second of all, I now have a dedicated artist, money is a good incentive for her to create quality work.
Third of all, Donations are always welcome. I have dedicated my life to this a steady income will ensure i not only continue but striving for higher and higher quality games.

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