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About Eli Harman

What I mainly do is read stuff and subject it to spergy acid tests and restate what survives. In a world mainly characterized by orwellian bullshit, that means I tend to say pretty different things than most people. 

My main concern is replicating the historical success of the west by figuring out what we did right and stating it in precise, correct, rational, and empirical terms so that it can be articulated and defended against malicious, postmodern critique, deconstruction, and tactical nihilism. The best defense is always a good offense and in this case, that means finding the lies, and finding the lying liars who lie.

I'm broadly pro tradition, pro religion, pro western, pro white, and pro patriarchy. I don't hate anyone but if you act or speak against my interests I'm going to give you a hard time. 

I mostly do it as a public service but, if you enjoy my content, please donate so I can afford to make more of it.

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