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About Uosof Ahmadi

I have been very fortunate in the success of my channel over the last couple of months and it would not be possible without you all. Theres no words to express how grateful I am.

I want you to all be aware my content will always be free, this is only for the people that want to go the extra mile and help. I have kept the pledges lower than the default as I want this to be a team effort without single people pledging hundreds as there are better things to spend your money on.

Why Uosof Ahmadi Needs Your Support
As many of you guys know I'm a Biomedical student that creates content on youtube full time, therefore youtube is my only source of income and my channel has been running solely through my own funds.
and over the last couple months I have been exploring everywhere close to where I live and we are getting to the point where we have to travel further and further so as suggested by you guys, I decided to start a Patreon for the people that want to see us travel further and help us keep up with the demand for regular videos. However this would will not be possible without you guys so in order to progress we need your help!

What Does It Mean To Be a "Patron"?
When you become a Patron of "Uosof Ahmadi", you are helping us make better content by allowing us to travel further and updating our equipment to produce higher quality content. 

Can I Give A One-Time Donation?
Absolutely! The Patreon platform, however, doesn't yet support that, but if you want to help Uosof Ahmadi but don't want anything in return, you can always make a one time donation via Paypal - [email protected]

What If You Can't Give?
If you're not in a place to support us financially, that is more than okay! There are so many ways to help out- by subscribing to the channel, watching the videos, sharing them in every place you can think of, encouraging people to check out our channel and connecting with me on Instagram and twitter. Suggesting us to podcasts, magazines and websites for potential coverage,

Whatever you do to support us, I will be forever grateful and appreciate every single one of you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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