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We'll make you a mixtape every single month and send it to your email. We're tastemakers. This is what we do. You get the $1 reward as well and the satisfaction of knowing that you're paying for 1/4th of our show's hosting costs every year.
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You gain access to the Ask a Punk Vault, Episodes 1-49. This is history. This is character development. This is sick. 




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About Ask a Punk

Ask A Punk is your big adult son who's finally ready to get out of the basement and start living in the streets. We're Indiana's Best Podcast, we're widely considered to be one of the best podcasts in Denver. We're champions of the subculture and that sometimes means we don't pay our bills on time.

By donating to us you are feeding the beast. All we really want out of this is to cover our hosting costs. Anything beyond that is for making more #content to put in your brains.

We love you and appreciate you. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
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