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Not only do you have a super thank you from the bottom of my cold, dark heart, but you'll also be able to access the Patreon exclusive posts and videos. Videos will consist of bloopers and behind the scenes content. 

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About JT

Hello, my name is JT. I'm an aspiring Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator. I want to stream games and irl (in real life) content on Twitch, while creating movie reviews and reaction videos on Youtube.  With your support, not only will I be able to do these things, but I'll also be able to expand my channel and bring you a variety of content. All pledges will go towards updating my equipment, and delivering the best quality content that I can achieve.

Even if you don't pledge, just watching my content is more than enough support on your part. I hope you'll join me on this crazy journey that'll be full of excitement and wonder. See you all soon troopers.

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Everything will go towards upgrading my equipment, whether it be a better camera, new microphone, etc. It all goes towards enhancing my channel and content.
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