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About Sun Uther Wahn

In the past decade, ambient music has seen such a massive surge in popularity & response from the public that it has been impossible not to notice. In a genre that may have been described once only as minimalistic in sound, it now dominates a large part of the music industry through beautiful and creative choices in tone, texture and atmosphere.
There has never been a better time to join the ambient music force…enter Sun Uther Wahn…
Led by keyboardist/vocalist/everything-man Storm Williams and hailing from the south of the U.S.A. in Mississippi; making ambient music against the grain of the musical climate steeped in blues, rock & country has been a challenge that Sun Uther Wahn has been ready to take head-on. With rich, atmospheric tones translating into beautifully vibrant and empowering songs, this switch from the southern ‘normal’ is exactly what music needs right now.
Drawing influences from great artists and bands of our time like Pink Floyd and Brian Eno, Sun Uther Wahn has built upon these sounds with a unique blend of passionate ambient music. Comparable to the giants of the ambient genre today like The Album Leaf or The Boards Of Canada; the emotional impact of the creations in Sun Uther Wahn are vastly measurable, fantastically atmospheric and entirely otherworldly. In combination with Williams’ personal foundations & belief in global unity, civil rights and meditation, the music comes through incredibly vibrant but also noticeably soothing & peaceful, creating a unique sonic texture of universal enjoyment.
That ability for people to relate to and enjoy the music on a worldwide scale has shown itself in numbers as word has spread about Sun Uther Wahn. Rising all the way to the number one spot on the Global Ambient charts through the popular music site Reverbnation with the recent digital release of the album Jedi Mind Music has proven once again that the people will respond to authenticity & genuine emotion when laid out as passionately & precisely as found in the music of Sun Uther Wahn.
With a strong following already established over a year’s time and backed by a strong work-ethic & desire to continually push forward in music, you can expect to see Sun Uther Wahn among the respected giants of ambient scene throughout the rest of this decade and well into the future.

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