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For your $2 you’ll get my undying appreciation but you’ll also get some other stuff too! A lot of things I draw/animate never make it to social media. So some of that very stuff you’ll have access to, whether it’s work in progress images, sketchbook pages or even just a sneak peak at a current project. You’ll get a look in! 

Sometimes I’ll ask on social media what I should sketch during some downtime or as a warmup. Well as a little extra,YOU will get first dibs when it comes to sketch requests as well!

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For your $5 you’ll get everything from the $2 tier but also access to high res digital versions of sketches and drawings that I work on. Also If available, PSD files will be available so you can truly delve into the image(s) that I have worked on.

And that’s not all! Whenever I finish a sketchbook I prepare a digital PDF of it that’s available to buy on my online store. Well not for you! You get it for free!

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For your $10 you’ll not only receive everything from the previous tiers you’ll also get an ink sketch sent to your door every month. That’s right! Any sketch you’ve seen me draw providing it’s available, it‘s yours! I’ll even pay postage if in the UK!




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About Ben Allen

Hey! I’m Ben Allen and I am a cartoonist! I love to draw, it’s something I have enjoyed for my entire life. Whether it’s sketching my favourite characters or doodling things for other people, it’s a thing that I cannot imagine being absent from my life.

However as much as I’d like to be focusing on this skill 24/7 ‘real’ life tends to get in the way. I work as a freelancer specialising in animation and illustration but to make ends meet I work part time in retail. So finding the time to work on my own stuff can be near impossible sometimes.

With your help however that can change. With your support it would help me keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you.
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If I get $50 per month that'll cover the cost of my Adobe Creative Cloud! THIS would be incredible and I would be incredibly grateful to hit this goal!
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