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If you donate $5, I'll give you my direct email address so we can talk about what you want to see on my channel. I'll take your feedback to heart, I promise; I want you to have as fun a time watching my videos as I do making them.
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If you donate $10, I'll play any game you want me to play (that I already own or that is free) and make a video (or maybe video series, depending on the title) about it. This could be a Let's Play or other similar style of video, or if it's a MOBA or other RPG style game, I'll make a video about any build for any character you want. I'll get in touch with you about what games I own or am willing to acquire/purchase for the purpose of this video - I own a lot of games, by the way, including a lot of SNES games and other old-school games.
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If you pledge $20 or more, I'll record or livestream a one to two hour video (maybe more, depending on the game) of any game you want (with you, if the game is multiplayer), and include you in the video. This can take any form you want; if you want a coaching session for a game I'm very familiar with, that's great! If you'd like to totally school me at a game you dominate, that's great, too! We'll get together and work out the time and logistics beforehand, and I'll do my best to deliver the best experience I can. Let's have some fun!




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About Sir Raiu Koren

I want to bring quality videos about the games I love to my audience, but the quality I'm looking to provide takes a lot of time - time that's hard to give when I have to work a full time job to pay the bills and other necessities. A source of extra funding will allow me to acquire better equipment (including a professional microphone) and get all new equipment, such as a professional camera, to enhance my videos. Hopefully, if I can get enough money going, I can transition to being a YouTube creator as an actual job and give it the attention that I want to give. I don't want to run ads on my videos - almost no viewer likes ads, and they can be tacky and intrusive, and can turn people away from the channel, which is the last thing I want. I want the experience for my audience to be as clean and straightforward as possible without having to rely on external advertisements. If my subscriber base becomes substantially larger, I may revisit this policy with the counsel of my fans, but let's hope that I can give an ad-free experience.

Any amount you give, even if it's only a dollar, helps. There is no amount too small, and if I get any money at all, I will revel in excitement. If you think that my videos are worth your time and worth your money, I would appreciate you more than you could ever know by donating to my creative endeavor. Thank you in advance; y'all are why I do this.

As far as the rewards go, you can donate that amount once and then never donate again - I'll still honor the details of the reward. Don't feel like you have to lock yourself in to a payment plan or anything; a one-time donation is so awesome I'll be more than happy to honor it!

I plan on releasing a new video two times per week, just so you know what you're getting into. You can set a cap on how much you're willing to pay each month if you'd like through Patreon's service. If you want to make a one-time donation or cancel your donation at any time, that's fine by me, but I want to get paid for actually doing the work, and I want you guys to pay for me to actually deliver new videos, not just run a monthly subscription. If I don't make videos, I don't get paid. If it gets to a point where that would become unfeasible or I am making too many videos for that to be reasonable, we'll switch to a monthly plan on counsel of my fans. I want this to work in whatever way is best for you.
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If I get $10 per video, then I can really start to consider YouTube as a professional endeavor and give it more of my time and energy, as well as allowing me to save up for better recording equipment to increase the quality of my videos. Help me start my YouTube career!
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