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Haaaay, Werker B's!  It's your girls, Grace and Valentine, and we are the hosts and creators of Woman's Work Podcast, a podcast about women doin' stuff.

Grace and Valentine have known each other for many years, but lost touch when Grace moved to NYC. When they reconnected a couple of years ago, they bonded again over their love of music (FKA Twigs and Janet Jackson, to be exact)! One day in the dead of winter, they both had the idea of collaborating on a music podcast, and through their mutual adoration and love for Kate Bush and other woman-identifying artists, the idea of creating the Woman's Work podcast came into being. After a few months of planning, they launched their shared vision, and interviewed their first Head B, Ashley Hohman, a true DIY visionary and creator. Since then, they have interviewed some extremely rad women photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and illustrators. They realized immediately the importance and true potential of this platform and decided to dedicate their time and energy to providing strong voices to their listeners.

                                                     What We Do

After a few months of learning as we went, we finally found our groove. Each episode we talk to a real HBIC (Head B's In Charge), and pick their brains about their work, what motivates them, and how they navigate through the obstacles in the way of their creative endeavors. It's pretty inspiring stuff! We then ask our HBIC to pick two songs of significance to them, and then we curate a playlist inspired by their interview and song selections, and package it as an ode to our fellow HBIC for our listeners. It's been a blast so far! 

                                                How Can You Help

Since the launch of our podcast, we have devoted long hours, sleepless nights, and a lot of our hard-earned money on equipment, websites, hosting, marketing, and travel. Providing content has been quite the expensive endeavor! Having the support of our generous listeners would help carry that burden.
For the record, the podcast will always be free, and we will continue the podcast for as long as possible no matter what happens with Patreon. However, if the campaign is successful, we will not only continue to make the quality content you've grown accustomed to, but we also will be able to improve it! We're also excited to use Patreon as an interactive platform for our listeners to communicate with us, access exclusive content, and to meet other cool B's on our Slack Channel.
YAS, we have big ideas and big dreams for Woman's Work! We intend to expand Woman's Work and have writers who are eager to publish content for us. We have even talked about hosting WW events and putting on live showcases.
It's been a real but rewarding challenge thus far, and we would love nothing more than to provide a platform for all creative women and the people who support them. We're all in this together, so, we are humbly asking you to help us build something great. Help us build a hive for women to thrive! Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

"We're building a house of the future together (What would we do without you?)" - Love and Anger, Kate Bush

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We put a lot of time, effort, and our own money into Woman's Work.$150 a month would cover the our baseline monthly costs for web hosting, syndication services, and audio leveling software.
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