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Hi, my name is Tobi Reynardine(alias). I am 20 years old,[currently 24 now, wow I am old]  a(previous) student at SaddleBack Community College, and an aspiring animator (self training). I recently purchased Anime Studio Pro 11 and I plan to animate my own stories through my own studio. I am a screenwriter, a novelist, animal lover, people person, and I have always had a passion for making people smile, laugh and come together.
This is an important Campaign to me because with these funds, I can take on some more animators who are like me, passionate about what they do. I want to make this web show a reality. This web show is called "Let's Play A Game"-- It is a deep story about two friends who drifted apart but come back together after 7 years. It is a true coming of age story and I hope it is a unique experience. This is very important to me because this is my first major project and I want to take my skills and create something that will make people laugh, cry, and come together.
By contributing to this endeavor, it brings not only me closer to my dream of owning my own studio one day, but this is a project that I hope will touch the hearts of anyone who watches it. This is a compelling story that I hope can be enjoyed and the life lessons that are inside the story will resonate with you, no matter who you are.

This also helps me with my future projects as well, which includes a feature length film based on my unpublished Children's novel, Patience's tale. 

What We Need & What You Get

The amount I need minimum would be 2,000$ since I know the reality of budgeting something like this but I also don't want an unrealistically high budget since I understand this project is in development. But, this funding is going solely towards completion of the project, materials for project, and paying voice-actors/animators who assist with the project.
For all those who do contribute, their names will appear in the credits under "patreons that made this possible" and you can get a perk that will get you an honorary shout out personally from me on both youtube and my own website once it is up and running.
If for whatever reason, the funds don't reach my goal, it's okay. The money goes towards the project so whatever is put down makes me eternally grateful.

The Impact

Doing this makes not only my dreams come true of producing my own show, but it helps employ people as well. My dream is to own a studio that rivals Disney and Pixar someday. I have to start somewhere and I can't do it without the funding and support of all you wonderful contributors. This impact I can't describe in mere words. I would be so ecstatic, so happy, so honored that you all would go on this journey with me.

Risks & Challenges

Because I am a no-name I understand that my lack of experience in animation may make you hesitant to contribute. I want you to know right now that I have been studying animation for a year now, and while it will take realistically until December to put anything out(trailer wise) the real show won't take off until next June( assuming funding goes in a positive direction). I understand that I don't have any previous work to show but these contributions will help me put forward my best foot, and then I will have something to show for all the efforts of those who took on this journey with me.
It will take time, but money is the only real project hurdle since I need money in order to pay voice actors, fund the animation quality, and hire on some animators to take on this project with me.
The only hurdle I really see is myself giving up halfway through-which is not happening ever!
I plan to put my all into this. I plan to spend long hours on this. I plan to communicate, direct, plan, organize and make this a reality. All I need is your patreonage to make it possible.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, spread the word about this project! I have a casting call already on CastingCallClub.Com. if you ever have questions about the authenticity or perhaps want to know how serious I am about this. On Casting Call my username is AbridgedMayhem69. 

Please, do share my campaign! Every 1$ gets this little studio closer to its goal! 

I will have storyboards for my web show and the future feature film up on my youtube account and a link to my patreon there as well! 
$0 of $1,000 per month
I hope that this goal allows me to further the project's completion, as well as reward those who have assisted me. 
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