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About Greg R. Parker

Since 2000, I have dedicated most of my spare time to researching and writing about the Kennedy assassination and a few years back, started an online forum dedicated to having the case reopened  (reopenkennedycase forum).

I have also published 2 volumes of a four volume set on the life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War: Why the Kennedy Case Should be Reinvestigated)

Additionally, I have hosted the only Southern Hemisphere Kennedy conference at a personal cost of 12K, and wrote the lyrics for the event theme song The Biggest Thing

I am currently working a documentary script based on my research, completion of my Oswald tetrology and setting up to do podcasting on the JFK assassination and related subjects. 

I once did all of this while working full-time, but am unable to continue in a regular job due major heart surgery.  

Your patronage however, will help me continue with this.

Your can check out more about me at my website Greg R. Parker

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This money will help me complete volumes 3 and 4 of my Oswald biography. Volumes one and two have been met with excellent reviews due to the amount of new information uncovered.  You can view more information as well as reviews here. The research involved is time consuming and does have some costs in terms of accessing information etc and is basically now a full-time job since I had to retire from work on medical grounds. I am also working on a documentary script and setting up a podcast.
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