is creating digital and traditional art, line-arts, NSFW, Yuri/Yaoi and all
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You'll see my work before anyone else with early access to content,  access to lineart for both horses and people, and one time only a coloured digital drawing of your oc or pet! 
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About Ayame-chan

Hey guys!

My name is Ayame-chan, but you can call me Ayame!
I live in Perth, Western Australia and i have an amazing kitty cat and a fantastic boyfriend.  

Your pledges will help me pay my bills, my medical expenses, and food glorious food.  My part time job doesn't cover all these, plus id like to go full time artist (and get out of retail)

In return ill give you both SFW and NSFW arts, horse and human line art for your use and even requests! If you pledge $3 or more you also get a free drawing of your character or your pet to show my love and appreciation!!

I love you all and thank you so much for helping me out.
You can see much of my older art on my instagram here ~> https://www.instagram.com/ayamechan26/
$0 of $50 per any art posted
something to pay my food bills :3 that and i can start to work towards making posters for conventions
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