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oh no, you chose the duck tape, dont worry, I will pray for you.
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well, I hear the drones are deadly so dont blame you for this one.




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About LisannaStrussGaming

Hey guys.

welcome the the stream patreon page, here you can become a member of the LSgaming team by supporting my self and possibly get access to the YouTube channel (to be announced) to upload your own content.

if you are interested, feel free to support me and help make Lisanna Struss Gaming succeed.
$0 of $10,000 per month
this is my first goal, with this i intend to host give-a-ways on both my YouTube and twitch stream while also starting up my tech season which is where i start building computers which i ever use as editing stations, storage, streaming, recording or even helping those in need by building computers and donating them to people with needs such as learn difficulties and eye site issues.

those who help with this goal will get the following:

access to a discord server with myself.
early access to recorded videos before they are uploaded.
access to un-edited versions of videos which they may also use.
access to a high-sec corporation in eve-online to learn corp skills and get a head start in EVE Online.
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