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Or jest follow me like a creeper lol.
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When I get it built and running i will give all those who contributed i chance to kick the crap out of my on Brawlhalla or one of meany free to play games also a shout out one the first video I post also maybe more ill have to think of something.




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I am Molgrom and I'm ThatEgoGamer. I am a youtube Let's Play creator and im working on my new setup and need a little help.
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Still trying to get my new PC made to do my work. I had one but it died and now I am using my junker of a laptop that can only play small game and it can not record. So my goal is to get it up and running by the end of this year and I am hoping to get some help from all of you to get that to happen. This is Molgrom and ill see you all soon and remember to be safe.
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