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If you pledge $1 or more I will email you special unreleased clips and sneak peaks to up coming videos!
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If you pledge $2 to $4 I will shout you out in a video and list your names in the credits of a video!
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If you pledge $5 to $8 you will get all rewards from the rewards above plus some special things that nobody else gets like full videos that have not been released on the channel. I will use your scripts or story boards and make them into a video and maybe even more special things like minifigs and such!!!




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Hey guys whats up welcome to our patreon, help us grow by becoming one of our patreons.
$5 of $45 per video
please help us get to the payment of 45 dollars per video. It will help improve our content and make our youtube videos better for you the viewer to enjoy!THANKS!!!
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