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You are choosing to support this page as a RICEBALL! You are one of the cheap but versatile, and potentially healthy fast meals to get thru the day! Rice ball are packed with Carbohydrates but with what you fill and mix with your Rice ball you are also adding in nutrients, such as protein from meats, or fiber from roots and vegetables, and you will benefit the future of your body! 

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You are choosing to support this page as an EGG! You are one of the powerhouse food that supplies the body with high quality protein, and valuable vitamin B, and help the heart continue beating with strength with Betaine and Choline! 

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You are choosing to support this page and for that you have the rank of CHICKEN! Despite the name you are one of the most beneficial meats in the industry with a relatively inexpensive price you are one of the proteins which can support cardiovascular health with less cholestrol and saturated fat along with being able to absorb 80% of the protein!




Hello everyone! This is Food EXP and Welcome to my Patreon where this will be the place where you will be able to support me in helping me experiment and create ideas for recipes to create videos to show people who have little time to make food like Gamers, Animaters, Authors, and other people who have little spare time to sufficiently have enough nutrients for their already tired bodies. You supporting this page may also help you make food that is quick, and easy to make to ensure you feed your body with proper nutrients instead of grease traps of oil! So IF you like the content please support and be proud that you are one of the people who are willing to support and also support yourself to feed your body what it deserves!
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I wish to first find out if people enjoy my stories and if they like the Idea of it. Every story I make is like me breathing life into each one of them and I feel that I have to show the world what I brought life too. There are many things I wish to see and if I will make it. I would like it if you could support me and keep the story up. I do this on the side, as I enjoy this is a hobby, so updates will be  irregular but when they do come up I hope that you all enjoy them.
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