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  • Ayeeee ;D You get to see my artwork from here. I mean, would wouldn't want to see some lovely art?? x3
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  • Looking at my artwork is lovely Oooooo snap~
  • But oh...OH you can see my speedpaint videos too?! That usually incudes: Tutorials and the process of my drawings!
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  • To you, alright =w= I get to see Annchan's art
  • But HOLY S!&% !?!?! I can get a commission of anything!? Okay, I can't resist now...




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About Annchan

Hai Hai!~ ^-^ I'm Annchan. Usually I start with my usual bio with the, "I'm a blackanese and proud..." BLEH! But let's actually get to know each other ^-^ 

What do you do Annchan?

Why Thankies for asking 8D I'm an artist...basically. But to be specific, I' an artist in the field of Fine/Visual Arts and Graphic Design. I love both equally, but I REALLY strive to be a Graphic Designer. 

Why Patreon?
I don't know why I hate saying it...I think it makes it seem like I'm a person that is selfish and just wants money for anything. And I don't mean that Dx I want to draw. That is the ONLY thing I can truely do and have a passion for strongly. You can say I'm obsessed =w= But I feel like Patreon can help me come up as an Artist and help me get paid as an artist in order to do this as a dream career. 

So! let's do this (Help me out here a little bit too O.o Jeebus how do you work this)
-Annchan ^-^

Hey! Wanna see some examples of what I do??
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SO!! To all my lovely patreons...Let's being this small goal first. Kinda like a warm-up *D Leggo, we can do this
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