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As an OS I you will receive...

- A personal display of appreciation (TBD).

- A 10% discount on any and all future ScienPaulogy merchandise.  

- Access to episodes available on the members only, "ScienPaulogy: Channel II". A restricted access version of the podcast which will include...

Interviews and conversations Paul has with a wide range of interesting people.

Updates about interactive events and live shows, as well as early access and discounted tickets to them. 

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As an OS II you will receive... 

- All the benefits of being an OS I as well as three additional benefits, two of which are limited in offer. 

- The first 50 members to reach OS II will become THE official and Original ScienPaulogy DisciPaules. The OSD50 will receive unique privileges, special rewards and certain responsibilities to be revealed secretly, to them, upon attainment. The OSD50 will be given proof of their title to own. 

- Beyond the first 50, members attaining OS II will continue to have the ability to receive the designation of being Original ScienPaulogy DisciPaule of their state, province and country. These members will also be given proof of their title to own.  

- All OS II will have full access, without additional charge, to interactive live streams and online events hosted by Paul, some of which will only be announced and discussed on ScienPaulogy: Channel II, due to the experimental and unusual nature of them. 




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About ScienPaulogy

This is the Patreon page for the podcast, ScienPaulogy in which comedian and maker of things, Paul Oddo speaks for a duration of time. If you enjoy and/or find the podcast valuable this is a method by which you can support the continued creation and growth of it. Depending on your level of support you will receive updates and special offers, as well as access to features primarily discussed on ScienPaulogy: Channel II, a members only version not available to the general public. All donations and support of the podcast are valuable and appreciated. Long live ScienPaulogy.   

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