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Dear fans, patrons and colleagues 

At this time my main focus is on Cloud Cuckoo land, a Manga/comic of which I am currently running a test-version. Meaning that everything is still possible subject to change once I start with the final version.

as a young and aspiring artist I am hoping to rise out the ashes of poverty.
trough creating content that all of you love!

You see, I have received plenty of hardships and this has left me with nothing but some markers, a pencil, paper and a tablet. Now my dream is to climb up in life by doing what I love!
Creating good, intriguing and compelling comics, animations and drawings.

all the content I create will be free.
however every dollar that is pledged to me helps me to make time and to increase the quality of what I create.

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Eternal gratitude!
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Even more Gratitude and reassurance that I will not fall without pencil!
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Q&A you can ask me any question and I wil respond!
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When pledging this amount you make sure that I will no longer run out of markers! Thank you!
and as a reward I wil make you appear inside the comic! Just send me a picture of yourselve and I will make it happen!
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I wil send you an original drawing And eternal love and gratitude every two months.
$0 of $300 per month
I will be able to do an upgrade in working materials and therefore the overal quality wil improve! Thank you, and congratulations! In addition to this I wil give the 5 main patrons handdrawn copy's of my comic in progress.
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