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For about $12 a show or $50+ a month - you receive an ALL ACCESS Pass to Darren Rose Music Network:
- Hang out for the filming of live performances or interviews
- Meet the guests and ask questions
- Hear about shows weeks before they air, submit questions to ask guests, offer guest suggestions
Basically you're part of the DRMN for $50 a month.
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For about $25 a show or $100+ a month you'll receive all of the above as well as a:
 - a MONTHLY PRIVATE DOWNLOAD to our playlist of "next-big-thing" artists from around the world. This is music likely to be on radio a year from now - the hottest upcoming artists in all modern genres.  An invaluable link to the best that the music industry has to offer - and of course a team of music-heads ready to nerd-out with you!




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About Darren Rose Music Network

The Darren Rose Music Network is a platform for artists & industry insiders to go beyond their 140 characters and share valuable insight on their career & perspective on the music business.  But what's a music network without music?  We also bring LIVE performances and a weekly undiscovered music showcase - which brings us to your generous Patronage. . . 

Darren Rose Radio Network Patrons are likely to feel a sense of self-satisfaction, increased knowledge, and boundless entertainment - all while supporting the music business in a new, unique & direct way. Your contributions will go toward the continued growth of DRMN content, to help pay the bills and my awesome team Adela (film/editing) & Vanessa (A&R/web/host).  We'll continue to bring you more one-of-a-kind conversations with fascinating Artists & Music Industry folks along with LIVE performances, new music shows, on location shoots - in short:  a complete Music content network. Perhaps most importantly, you'll be supporting a platform for new & veteran artists to share their stories & talents in an environment without an agenda, without soundbites.  

I release 1 or 2 shows a week. Whether you contribute $1 a show or $5 or $20 or $50 (see below for Reward info), you'll see your contributions at work in each show.  If you become a patron you have my humblest thanks and I looking forward to having you as part of the crew.
$18 of $500 per show.
It's great being in LA since a lot of bands and artists come through town but not all.  If we can build up enough funds I can travel to guests that can't make it here.  Ideally I can take your suggestions for a guest, arraign the interview or performance and maybe even bring you with me!
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