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You're officially a patron and are now entitled to hang out with me twice a month on the closing weekends of said month. You have helped progress my life into the direction it needs to go. Thank you so much
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You'll be eligible to view my content 2 days before anyone else and will also get to hang out with me twice a month :) thank you so much
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I will make you a personal video which will go up onto my channel as unlisted, and you'll recieve everything else as well (not yet decided)




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"Why should I give you money, you're not even that good", because it's always been my dream to build a carer around creating my content for other people whom I can interact with. At this current time in my life, YouTube is one of the main things keeping me going in life. I promise to stay consist with my uploads, improve my videos with each installment, stream every Friday on Twitch, and live-stream hang out's with you guys
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  • If I can reach £10, I can't express... I know it means nothing to most people but you really will have pushed me in the right direction, you'll be forever remembered as a hero in my books 
  • I will hang out with you guys every weekend for hours on end via Google+ hang outs (When I figure out how
  • I will make better content as the days go on... you will all be featured at the end of my videos
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