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About William Hennes

Magic!  Wizards!  Dragons!  Knights Jousting and more!  Merlin- The Book Of Light is a choose your adventure game set in the myth of King Author and Camelot. The book of light marks the first in a series of game modules that allows you as Merlin to choose your path to obtain The Book of Light.  The book is guarded by Viserryan, an ancient undead dragon of power, temper, and intelligence.  He is jealous of anyone trying to steal the book so your wits must be about you or you may be torn apart by his massive bony claws or enveloped in a flame that is hot enough to melt steel.  This is not a quest for the faint of heart and as Merlin the realms most powerful wizard, it is up to you to release the book from Viserryan's grasp. 

These game modules will be based on my original stories and designs using base characters from the Author legends.  You will explore towns, ruins, castles, and more. 

This game will be built with a choose your path engine.  As the player, you will encounter 2 choices to pick from and therefore picking your next path.  If you do not pick a path, one of the choices will be randomly selected for you.  Art will be created via CG and animation and Completion time for the first module will be estimated at 6 months. Platforms will be Apple, Android, and Desktop.

Please help me bring this magical adventure to life! 

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I will be on track to finish production of first module by June 2019
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