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Hello and welcome to the Patreon of our family! We are South Sudanese by nationality but this year with your help we have moved to Uganda.

South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world, having only recently declared independence from Sudan. Sudan has been the site of terrible fighting and genocide.

The nation of South Sudan was founded with great hopes, but those hopes were lost. In a struggle for power different factions within the government have cast the country into civil war.

We are a happy family with many siblings who all love to go to school and study. Our mother is our strength, and a volunteer worker with the church. Our family has remained devoted to non-violence and education even as we have seen some of the people in our country around us turn to greed and violence. We have been caught in a terrible situation.

When we were in South Sudan, we began to contemplate moving to a safer situation when we were forced to flee our home. We took refuge in a church but even there we were not safe. We were able to return, but we were living in terrible fear for the future of our family. Our greatest priority is to provide our younger generation with an education, but as the fighting worsened, the schools were closed, and the young children are not able to continue their education.

We also experienced hardships in South Sudan because the economy is in collapse, and the price of food has increased dramatically. Food shortages are likely this year, and although the fighting is currently in abeyance, they expect fighting will break out again next month or anytime.

Thankfully with your help we were able to travel to a safer place. The journey was very dangerous and we will tell more of our story regarding that at a later date. We are so grateful to all those who have helped and protected us in this time. We are grateful for all your prayers and we are praying for all of those who have helped us on our journeys.

We are very happy in Uganda and have experienced many new things. The young children are back in school. Our health has improved due to access to medications and good food. We are very excited for the future. We have experienced the kindness of strangers and we are passing that on to others. We want to live in generosity, and to help those less fortunate than we are.

On this Patreon we will be sharing our stories with you. The stories of our lives in Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. We will be sharing our experiences in school, looking for work in a new country where we must make all new friends, and trying to make a better life for our new generation.
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We are a family of 9 who fled the fighting in South Sudan to start a new life in Uganda. We are searching for work and improving our situation but we have no friends or family here to rely upon.

Help us provide high quality, education to kids and FAMILY- to live In a peaceful country. We want to keep the young children of our family in school for better future. We want them to be a part of development in the World.

There is no doubt that educating our children is the best investment we can make — education will equip them to produce more food, create more jobs, resolve conflicts, innovate, and take up the affairs of the world when the influence of this generation fades.

Hopefully we will have prepared them to fix the problems we were not able to fix, to build on the things we did well, and to face the challenges we can’t yet imagine, but in order for our children to be ready to take up our torch, we must prioritize helping ALL children realize their full potential through a quality education!

Your support will help provide the following:

•Shelter / Utilities / House Maintenance
•Education costs (Required Uniforms, School Supplies)
•Private Tutoring (Any aspect that the child is behind on in public school)
•Monthly rent
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