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In your first month, i will tag your name on paper and post a pic of it on my Facebook fan page.

After one year of patronage i will send you a small graffiti painting on paper. 
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Hello all,
My name is Miles and many know me as "Reskew" in the graffiti world.
I paint  abstract and graffiti art, and also mess around with other tools and mediums like papier mache and making sculptures out of old spraypaint cans. 
I am also an actor, martial artist, self-taught classical pianist and art instructor. 

I use  acrylics, oils and spraypaint mostly, and also pen, marker, palette knives, credit cards, watercolor and guache, and more. 
I paint on canvas, paper, walls, cars, trucks, clothing, shoes, handbags, backpacks, windows, trash, bottles, cans, and on skin.

I make Graffiti Tutorial videos 

The focus of my tutorials is to share basic ideas, concepts, principles and techniques for the viewer to soak in and use as their own tool to create from their own innate nature. I want to have as little influence on the outcome as i can by focusing on how to be in the most pure, aware process, and be in charge while letting go and allowing the process to guide. I want to show how to create self-satisfying art, and understand a process perspective that will permeate your life in general. 

Here are some testimonials of my "teaching" , or "sharing" as i like to call it. 

First, before i give you more details about myself, i will explain how your donations will help me. And if you are not deeply familiar with me or my tutorials, please click the above link to see some testimonials to give you a feel of the impact of what i do, or go straight to watching my videos. However, dont just watch one, as some are more basic in their technique orientation while some are and/or include talks about deep concepts. Many have commented that what i have shared has helped them change for the better as a person, not only as an artist. And that is my aim. Because without growing on the inside, you can get as good as you want with your art, you wont be truly satisfied with yourself. 
Yeah, everyones gotta work. And yeah, i am asking for your money so i need to "work" less or not work at all, to have time for the things i do. But i want to work at what i do: making art, learning and practicing other arts, and sharing what i have learned with the world.

My dream is to travel the world doing workshops with thousands of people, planting seeds and spreading love through my care for others. 

Long story short, the inconsistency, unreliability , and hecticness of the freelance schedule has been taking a toll in terms of scheduling and timing issues, inconsistent sleep cycles, paycheck-to-paycheck worry stress, and spending a lot of time in a field of work that is not using my talents to the fullest and often draining the crap out of me. I work as a waiter for catering companies, serving food and drinks to upscale events. 
What i need time for it to continue to cultivate and refine my artistic talents and my inner self through all my practices. Acting, martial arts, and painting all influence each other and all aspects of me as a person. I have cultivated myself over the years to be who i am, the person you see in the youtube videos, and the broad styles of art i create. 
I feel my biggest gift is to inspire and encourage. I have recently realized the importance of art- it is a way in which we get to explore and  be ourselves fully, in this world in which we have so much regimented for us- do these assignments, get these grades, get these degrees, be at work at this time, do these tasks, look this way, act this way, all for the sake of someone else, for our family, for the company we work for, to please our customers, etcetera. It is so common to lose ourselves in this shuffle. Kids are going through this with school and their families, and adults get lost in their work and survival life. And making art is a practice, exploration and discipline in discovering ourselves as individual again. It is a reminder, and an integrative experience.  We're not an appendage to a system, but whether we like to admit it or not, to some extent, some less, some more, we have become that. And we need a way to use the aspects of that that work for us in the society we live in, and be able to drop it and pick up something deeply personal when we can either insert it into society, or when we are on our own personal time by ourselves or with family.  I myself am continually striving to go deeper into myself and integrate my past into a complete new package that works the way i need it to now. 

I am a completely self taught artists and art teacher. I began doing graffiti 16 years ago and transitioned to abstract painting about 10 years ago. I have been making tutorial/ inspirational talk videos on youtube which have gotten my channel over 14,000 subscribers and amazing feedback, affirming the depth of my intention getting through. I started the tutorials with the intention to reach anyone who does not have the support they need, those who may quit on art because of a lack of encouragement and guidance, as i know i came close to many times. 
I paint and create things from the purest, least mentally obstructed place i can. I want the satisfaction of expressing from my being, and celebrating the beauty that is an inherent potential, and be part of creating it. My work is meant to be looked at and felt, to get you in touch with what is in you, and not get you in your head, where we too often spend our time. I think our society has more and more become too focused on the mental, the left brain, finding interest in concepts rather than life itself. Life happens while we are pondering it. We fight feelings we dont like and are taught to live in a fabricated bubble of "acceptable" and  desireable emotions. When life requires us to know the full spectrum of experience, as we only know through contrasts. Im here to evoke more emotion in you, but to allow it to flow from you naturally with no agenda. Im not feeding you anything specific. I present you imagery filled with life Energy, that can be interpreted by your unconscious and nervous system the way it can relate to it, if you allow it to arise in you. Like a form of inkblot therapy. Learn to be present with art, in the moment, and let it affect you. I think the misconceived notion is that because a piece of art does not move or change, it is fixed, and therefore is in a position to be analyzed, like a dead specimen. When really a proper piece of art is filled with life force energy, if the artist was present emotionally during their creation process.

Pledging  will help me paint more and give more. I will paint and create more art, more tutorial videos, and the more surplus art i have, the more i will be inspired to give away. You can sponsor a painting to be sent to a fan for free. I have thousands of young followers who would love a piece of my art in their room to inspire them, but cannot afford one. I have done it before. Help me do it some more. 
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I will finish one small painting per week and post it for sale on Etsy
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