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Welcome to the Lobby.

Those who inhabit the lobby will have access to all of my games. From now until the end of time, you will have access to downloadable versions of my games, with added bonuses thrown in, (excluded from other websites), as a thank you for your support. 

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Welcome to the Room.

As a huge thank you for your support, I will make sure you have access to the beta, guaranteed to be released at least a week before the game release. Play the game in a weird state, before anyone else. 
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Welcome to the Arena

Such a powerful being you must be. In exchange for your support and in appreciation of your gift, I will give you access to my concept art and design work, as I'm creating it. My entire creative process on the screen for you, as well as all previous rewards.




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Why is Emily Bloode, minion of the Legion of Doom and Presenter of tasty bytes on Patreon?

Well, first, best to introduce Emily Bloode.

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a game designer and partial developer, and I want to make content for you. Not just anyone, I want to make content for people who enjoy my content. Why? Because I can. And because you guys are the ones who basically pay me to make stuff for you, so...yea.

I'm here because I love making things. I love pulling out my paper and my pens and creating something interesting. Most of what I have made so far was trying to be AAA quality, but that's because I have no idea what you all want. So, as a special thank you for those of you who support me and my crazy ideals of gaming equality, I will have a once a month live stream using Twitch to get your input, and will work on what you guys have asked me to. That's right, you can even control the insane ideas that get generated through my keyboard!

As a warning, I'm not an artist, though I am working on becoming one. 

The Twitch livestream will be for members who are putting in $10 or more per month, and will last for 2 hours each session. 

Hopefully I'll be hearing from you guys soon. Once we have someone who will actually be at the Twitch session, it'll be scheduled. And more content will be coming soon, so you can all relax.

$0 of $200 per game
We have officially begun. And, as a reward for those of you who have made this possible, I will now be putting odds and ends into a free dropbox folder, (which will be pinned so anyone can get to it). This won't be full projects or anything like that, but it WILL be a bunch of random pieces of various things. Nice!
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