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You can choose a new game for me to run when we get to the goal.
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You can suggest and choose a new game for me to run when we get to the goal.
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You can suggest and choose a new game for me to run when we get to the goal.
You can get your name in one of the splits.




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Hello, and welcome to my Patreon.

My name is Luis, but you probably know me as Jake. I'm a speedrunner who started some months ago and has a lot of passion for it. I mainly run Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 but it can change depending on you.

This is in no way required, but it would help on keeping my dream of streaming full time. I don't like to ask anything without giving something in return, that's why I'm giving some rewards and setting some goals for you if you decide to become my patron.

I'm making two kind of goals, one for every 25$ and one for every 100$. For every 25$ I'll make a speedrun from a list of suggested games, and for every 100$ I'll take a new speedrun onto my main speedrunned games from a list I made.

So, what do you get if you support me?

As you can see in the reward list, you can suggest any game you want me to run (with a few exceptions: I can't run VERY LONG games, or games that I don't have access to). And when we reach the goal (every 25$ except for the 100$ mark), between all the patrons, you can choose the game I'll make a run for. I compromise to learn it and do a good run of it, so it may take a few tries. (The list is at the end, so keep scrolling)

If you pledge a bit more, you can be immortalized forever with your name in one of my splits. You can choose whichever you want!

If you pledge 20$ or more you can play with me in a whole stream once a month to whatever game you want I can get and that we can play together. This is limited to four people and only once a month just in case a lot of poeple pledge for this. It's gonna be a full day, so it would be like once a week and I need the other days in the week to speedrun!

For 50$ you remember the list of games suggested, right? You can choose directly one of those games for me to run or choose a new game and I'll make a speedrun of it!

And if you pledge 100$ or more you are the true supporter, you get to choose directly which is the game you want me to start speedrunning and getting it to my main games.

This is the list of the games you can choose if we get to the 100$ goal:

-Any game in the Final Fantasy Series
-Any game in the Kingdom Hearts Series
-Any game in the Tales of Series
-Any game in the TLoZ Series

Here will be the list of games suggested for the 25$ goals (It's empty now but I hope it won't soon).

Thank you so much if you decide to support me!
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I'll do a speedrun you can choose from a list of games you suggested.
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